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How to convert PPS to MPG?

MPG is also called MPEG whose full name is Moving Pictures Experts Group. This video format has been widely applied on TV sets, mobilephones and tablet computers. Therefore, if people want to watch PPT on portable devices such as mobilephones and tablet computers which cannot well support PPS More

How to convert PPT to MOV?

This is a guide about how to convert PPT to MOV. if you want to convert PPT to MOV, this paper will do you a favor.

Why we need convert PPT to MOV?
As we know, MOV is the QuickTime video format. It is an audio and video file format developed by Apple, which often More

How to convert PPS to WMV?

The full name of WMV is Windows Media Video which is a video format developed by Microsoft. Thus, we could easily see that this video format is widely applied and supported, especially on computers since most computers has adopted Windows operating system which has built-in Windows Media Player. More

How to convert PPS to MP3?

Not long ago, many people have asked me how to extract the audio from PPS and PPT. We often find some beautiful songs or tunes from others’ PowerPoint presentation, which we may download from the internet. Most of us know it is almost impossible to just directly copy the audio from the More

How to convert PPT to WMV?

WMV is a streaming media format released by Microsoft. It is an extension format of ASF whose full name is Advanced Stream Format. In the same video quality, the file in WMV format could be downloaded while playing, thus it is quite suitable for online playing and transmission. In addition, we More

How to convert PowerPoint to MP4?

Are you still looking for the way to convert PowerPoint to MP4 for watching PowerPoint files on your iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc.? Do you want to share your made PPT files to online video sharing website like YouTube rather than PPT online More

How to convert PPS to MPEG?

MPEG, whose full name is moving pictures experts group or motion pictures experts group, has been widely applied on many fields. MPEG mainly has 5 standards which are MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MPEG-7 and MPEG-21. And MPEG-4 has been used most frequency in our daily life. It has been used on digital More

How to convert PPT to movie?

People often need to convert PPT to movie in order to play PPT on different devices such as Ipad, Iphone, large screen TV and occasions such as outdoors. In addition, when a PPT has been converted into a movie, it More

How to convert PowerPoint to AVI?

AVI, whose full name is audio and video interleaved, is a kind of video format which has been widely applied. AVI information often applies on multimedia discs to save TV programs and movies and all kinds of video information. The most advantage of this format is that it could be applied on More

How to convert PPS to movie?

PPS, whose full name is PowerPoint presentation show, is also a kind of PowerPoint file format. In this format, PowerPoint will directly generate preview for slide show. Thus, the advantage of this file is people could directly show the slides just by double-clicking it. But if you want to modify More