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How to watch PPT files on HTC Rhyme?

Q: I have some wonderful PPT files and want to enjoy it on my HTC Rhyme. Can anyone tell me how to watch PPT on HTC Rhyme?

A: In fact, we can just convert PPT to video if we want to watch it on smartphones. As we know, HTC Rhyme can well support videos like 3GP, MP4, WMV, AVI, 3GP2 and More

How to watch PPT on HTC Flyer?

“I have a HTC Flyer tablet computer and I have installed a Quick Office. However, when I open the PPT file with Quick Office, it cannot display the animations and videos on the PPT file. Can anybody tell me why? How to watch the PPT file on my HTC Flyer? Someone suggest me to More

How do I watch my PPT file on my PSP?

Have you been confused about how to watch PPT files on PSP? This post will offer you the best solution to watch PPT on PSP by converting PPT to PSP supported video format – MP4.

Converting PPT to PSP More

How to convert PPS to YouTube?

If you have a really good PPS file and you want to share it to your YouTube friends, then this paper will definitely help you to achieve this goal.

As we know that YouTube is a video sharing website which cannot support PPS files. Thus, the best and fastest way must be converting PPS to More

How to convert PPT to TS?

Recently, some people ask me how to convert PPT to TS. Actually, TS is a video format release by Sony. It has widely applied on HD recorders. As for people who want to watch PPT on recorders, this paper would definitely be helpful because it will deeply demonstrate how to More

How to post PPT on weblogs?

“Can anybody tell me how to post PPT on weblog? I make a really superb PPT presentation and wanna to post it on my weblog. But it cannot support PPT files, how can I do? Is there any online converters that can convert PPT to video or should I use a PPT to video converter? Can anybody recommend More

How to watch PPT on QuickTime?

“I have a really excellent PPT file. We know QuickTime can enable us to make our own videos. Now, I want to merge the PPT file and video into one video file with Quicktime. How can I do it? Can QuickTime support PPT files? Should I use a third-party application? If I should, which one should I More

How to convert PPT to MP3?

Find some wonderful audios in PPT and want to rip the audio from the PPT file? This post will detail show you the simplest way to rip audio from PPT file by converting PPT to MP3 file.

Converting PPT to MP3 requires a professional converting program that can convert PPT to MP3 without More

How to convert PPT to flash?

“Hi, buddies! I have made a really excellent PPT file and want to share it with my friends. How can I protect my PPT from editing or just post it on my blog? Should I convert PPT to video or just add password to it? ”
If we want to protect our PPT from editing and post it on blogs, the More

How to convert PPT to MPEG?

Q: I have a PPT file that I want to watch on Samsung Galaxy Tab. I have installed a Quick Office, but it cannot display all the original animations, pictures and video clips of the PPT file. How can I watch the PPT file on Samsung Galaxy Tab while all the animations and special More