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How to save PowerPoint to DVD with Moyea PPT to DVD burner Pro?

You might come across such a situation: made a PowerPoint presentation and find it cannot be played out on another computer as it doesn’t have the right PowerPoint version or operating system. And then you might wonder is it possible to create a PowerPoint presentation that plays anywhere, no More

Tips on how to burn PPT to DVD

If you are looking for solution to burn PPT to DVD as well as main all the original effects like animations, pictures and video clips, etc, then this paper will be your reference guide since it will show you tips on More

How to convert PPT to DVD?

Feel frustrated because you cannot watch your favorite PPT files on your DVD player and HD TV set? Now, this paper can help you much by providing you solution to convert PPT to DVD so as to enjoy PPT files on DVD More

How to watch PPT files on Samsung Galaxy Note?

Want to use your Samsung Galaxy Note to watch PPT files? This paper will share you how to watch PPT files without PowerPoint tool on Samsung Galaxy Note.

Samsung Galaxy Note is a phone-tablet hybrid released by Samsung on this FIA. The fuselage size of this machine is 146.85*82.95*9.65mm. More

Way to convert PPT to flash video

PPT, as we know, cannot be uploaded on many websites, especially video sharing websites like YouTube. But sometimes we made some excellent PPT files and just want to share it to others on YouTube, how can we achieve it? The best answer must be converting PPT to flash video. In this way, we could More

How to use Panasonic BW880GKK Blu-ray-player to perform PPT

DMR-BW880GKK is, launched by Panasonic Electronics, a hard disk drive Blu-ray recorder. It is able to record digital TV programs and HD video in lossless way, while the DVD recorder cannot do that.

The industry generally believes that in the future Blu-ray players More