How to convert PPS to Movie?

As we know, the full name of PPS is PowerPoint show. As long as you save the PowerPoint file as PPS, it could be directly shown the slides simply by clicking. Thus, this kind of PowerPoint file is quite suitable for PowerPoint demonstration. However, in order to protect PowerPoint show from editing, we could convert PPS to movie. Then, how to convert PPS to movie? The answer should be using a PPT2video converter.
PPT2video converter could easily convert PPT, PPTX, PPS and PPSX, etc to many video formats like AVI, MP4, and 3GP, MOV, WMV, MPEG4 and VOB and so on. It could convert PPS to movie in high quality and add music, logo and watermark to it.
Next are the steps about how to convert PPS to movie.
Step 1: import PPS files
Download and install the PPT2video converter and choose “Create video files”. Then, just click “Add” to import the PPS file,

Step 2: then, click “Next” to enter the basic settings. Choose an appropriate video format for the generated video and set the transition time between each slide. Of course, if you have set it in PowerPoint file, it won’t affect your former setting.

Click “Advanced Settings” to customize the layout settings, background music and other settings.

You can add background music and logo to the generated movie. Also you can click “Others” to install a Sound Recorder which would help to synchronize the sound of the source PPS file to the generated movie.

Step 3: click “Next” to set the output folder and start the PPS to movie conversion.

Then, the PPT2video converter will show you the PPS to movie converting process.

After the PPS to movie conversion, the program will provide you multiple choices. You could choose to play the movie or work on a new project.


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