How to convert PPS to MPG?

MPG is also called MPEG whose full name is Moving Pictures Experts Group. This video format has been widely applied on TV sets, mobilephones and tablet computers. Therefore, if people want to watch PPT on portable devices such as mobilephones and tablet computers which cannot well support PPS files, it’s better to convert PPS to MPG. In this way, you can enjoy the PPS file on portable devices and protect it from editing.
Next, we will look into how to convert PPS to MPG with a PPT2video converter.
Step 1: you should download a PPT2Video converter and set it up on a computer.
Step 2: just start the program and choose “Create video files”.

Step 3: You are able to click “Add” to add the original PPS file to the program.

Then click “Next” to the basic settings.
Step 4: choose the output video format as MPG and set the transition time here. If you have set it on the source PPS file, then the setting here won’t take effect.

You also could click “advanced settings” to set the layout, background music and even logo or watermark of the generated video.
Step 5: please click “Next” to designate a folder for the generated video.

Step 6: lastly, click “Start” to convert PPS to MPG. The program will show you the PPS to MPG converting process. After the conversion, the designated folder where you saved the generated video will be automatically opened.

You can enjoy the generated video now.


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