How to convert PPS to WMV?

The full name of WMV is Windows Media Video which is a video format developed by Microsoft. Thus, we could easily see that this video format is widely applied and supported, especially on computers since most computers has adopted Windows operating system which has built-in Windows Media Player. If we want to play a PPS file on other people’s computer as well as keep all the original display effects and special fonts, we could convert PPS to WMV. Next, let’s look at how to convert PPS to WMV with a PPT to video converter.
1. Preparation
Just get a PPS to video converter and set it up on a computer.
2. Import PPS file

Start the PPT to video converter and click “Add” to import the original PPS file. Then, you can preview the source PPS file on the view screen. Next, select the export video format as WMV and designate a folder for it.
3. Audio and video settings

Please click “Settings” to carry out the audio and video settings of the exported video.
4. Customize additional settings

Then press “Customize” to set the timing, music, slide, conversion of the generated video. You are able to add background music for it and set the transition time between slides. Of course, the setting of the transition time here won’t take effects if you have set it on the source PPS file.
5. Convert PPS to WMV

Once all the settings have been done, just click “Start” to start the PPS to WMV conversion. The conversion will be finished in no minutes. After the conversion, the program will automatically open the folder in which the exported video saved.
Now, you are able to view the generated video.


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