How to convert PPT to WMV?

WMV is a streaming media format released by Microsoft. It is an extension format of ASF whose full name is Advanced Stream Format. In the same video quality, the file in WMV format could be downloaded while playing, thus it is quite suitable for online playing and transmission. In addition, we all know that PPT file cannot be directly added into a website or video-sharing websites. Therefore, we can convert PPT to WMV so that it could be played online and well transmit online. Next, we will go through how to convert PPT to WMV with a PPT to video converter.
Step 1: Get a PPT to video converter and install it.
Step 2: open the PPT to video converter and add PPT file to it. You can click “Add” to input the PPT file. Then, you are able to preview the source PPT on the view screen and choose the output video format as WMV. Next, choose a folder for the produced WMV video.

Step 3: please click “Settings” to set the audio and video display effects of the output video.

Step 4: then, press “Customize” to set some additional settings. If you have set the transition time in the source PPT file, you don’t have to set it here. Do remember the transition time between slides should not be less than 6 seconds. Of course, you can add background for the generated video or ignore the audio of the source PPT file.

Step 5: once all the settings have been done. You can click “Start” to convert PPT to WMV. The conversion could be completed in no minutes. After the conversion, the PPT to video converter is likely to open the designated folder in which the developed video kept for you.

Now, you can publish the generated video on your blogs or video-sharing websites like YouTube.


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