How to use Panasonic BW880GKK Blu-ray-player to perform PPT

DMR-BW880GKK is, launched by Panasonic Electronics, a hard disk drive Blu-ray recorder. It is able to record digital TV programs and HD video in lossless way, while the DVD recorder cannot do that.

The industry generally believes that in the future Blu-ray players will become the master of high-definition playback device. And at this stage, the features of the Blu-ray player are relatively simple, pure disc playback has restricted its cost performance. The latest Panasonic DMR-BW880GKK not only perform as Blu-ray Players during the discs, but also has burning, high-definition video copy and other functions, increasing product cost performance in the case of constant price. As a good player, it has the basic characteristics of the output image, high definition, good color reproduction, comprehensive audio support, etc. Furthermore, this Blu-ray drive also has a large capacity hard drive 500G and can support high HD video recording for easy collection.

Panasonic DMR-BW880GKK Blu-ray player supports BD / DVD, SD cards and USB playback disc player, supports 1080P digital output, transmitting  high-resolution screen, recording and playing full HD quality, reproducing beautiful clear image. It is not only compatible with Blu-ray recorders BD-R/BD-RE, but also compatible with DVD R / DVD-R, DVD R / DL, DVD-R/DL, DVD RW / DVD-RW, DVD-RAM. With advanced variable bit rate quality video, high-speed copying, you can burn BD and DVD format discs. It has three utility functions: a manual recording, DV input automatically burn and AV smart burn. In addition, the Panasonic DMR-BW880GKK can easily record the HD (AVCHD format), SD (MPEG2 format) video in Panasonic cameras and copy to HDD or disc in permanent preservation.
Therefore, to watch PPT on DMR-BW880GKK we only need to convert ppt convert video or DVD / Blu-ray Disc format.

Before conversion, we need to prepare Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Pro and install it.

If we want to convert PPT to DVD/Blu-ray, the steps are as follow:

Step 1. Import PPT files

Step 2. Output Blu-ray/DVD options (Advanced Settings)

Step 3. Customize Blu-ray/DVD menu

Step 4. Add Music

Step 5. Burn to DVD/Blu-ray

If we want to convert PPT to video, the following is the operation:

Step 1. Import PPT files

Step 2. Output video options (Advanced Settings)

Step 3. Add Music and Record voice

Step 4. Export video files

After conversion, just copy and paste the converted files to this machine. Then, we can preview the PPT on DMR-BW880GKK



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