How to watch PPS files on LG Optimus Glare?

“I bought a LG Optimus Glare. It has preloaded an Office tool. And thus I could watch PPT and DOC files on this machine. However, when I put a PPS files on this machine, it cannot open it. Can anyone tell me why? How can I watch a PPS file on this machine?”
Do you have the same problem with your Optimus Glare? If do, then this paper will interest you because it will inform you how to watch PPS files on LG Optimus Glare.

As we know, LG Optimus Glare can support videos like MPEG4, H.263, H.264 and Divx. Thus, we only need to convert PPS to MPEG4 or other videos this machine can support. Here we need a good PPT2video converter which can well convert PPS to video along with keep the original effects of the source PPS file.

Download the PPT2video converter first. And then follow the below guide to convert PPS to MPEG4.

– Start the program and choose “create video”.

– Click “add” to input the PPS file.

– Click “next” to the output settings.

Choose the output video format as MPEG4 and set the transition time between slides. Also you can click “config” for further audio and video settings.

Next click “advanced settings” to customize the layout, background music and others.

You can add watermark here.

– Then, move to the next step to set the output folder.

Choose a folder for the output video and click “start” to start the PPS to MPEG4 conversion.
The PPS to MPEG4 conversion will be finished within a few seconds. After the PPS to MPEG4 conversion, you can open the output folder for reviewing the generated video and transfer it to your LG Optimus Glare for watching.
Now, the PPS to MPEG4 conversion has been totally completed.

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