How to watch PPT on Acer K330 without a computer?

Acer K330 is a business projector which has 500 lumen brightness, 120W power, 4000:1 contrast, 1280*800 resolution and USB interface. It can well show the slides and support USB disk shows. However, sometimes we might meet some hard situation such as no computer, the computer has been damaged or else. How can we continue to show the slides? Thus, we need to prepare a backup PPT files before we start the presentation.

Here I’d like to share a method to play PPT files on Acer K330 without computer. As we know, Acer K330 can support USB playing, we just need to convert PPT to video and control it by the remote controller of this machine.

Download a PPT to video converter.

Start the program and add the PPT file.

Click “Add” to input the PPT file. Preview the PPT file on the view screen. Choose a video file as the output video and designate a folder as output folder.

Customize the PPT to video conversion

Click “customize” to personalize timing, slides, audio, music and conversion. Add background music and set the transition time between slides.

Audio and video settings

Please press “settings” to start the audio and video settings.

Adjust the below parameters according to your preference: audio and video codec, audio and video quality, video size, bite rate, sample rate and so on.

Convert PPT to video

Simply click “start” to start the PPT to video conversion after the audio and video settings.

The program will show you the PPT to video converting process. When the output folder is opened, please review the video and transfer it to a USB disk.
And then, connect the USB disk to the Acer K330 to play the video on this machine.

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