How to watch PPT on Blackberry Pearl 3G?

Blackberry Pearl 3G is a smartphone released by RIM. It has a 3.2MP camera and applied Blackberry OS 5. In addition, it features 624MHz processor and has a Sure Type (20 key) keyboard. What’s more, we can read .txt documents on this machine. However, if we want to watch PPT files on it, we need to first convert PPT to video since it cannot support PPT files.
As for converting PPT to video, we need the help of a PPT to Video converter which can perfectly convert PPT to videos, portable devices and even audios. What’s more, we can set the transition time and add background music for the converted video. Now, let’s look into how to convert PPT to video with a PPT to video converter.

1. Download the PPT to vide converter, install it and start it.

2. Load the PPT files to the program by clicking add icon or directly dragging and dropping.

Preview the PPT on the view screen, choose an appropriate video format as output video and designate a folder for the converted video.

3. Click “Customize” to customize the timing, slides, audio, music and conversion.

Here you can set the transition time between slides, add background music for the generated video.

4. Then click the settings icon to complete the audio and video settings.

Multiple parameters are supported to be adjusted such as bite rate, video quality, video codec and video size, etc.

5. Start the PPT to video conversion by clicking the start icon. Just wait because the program will show you the PPT to video converting process and open the output folder for you.

Now, you can enjoy the video on your Blackberry phone.
Now, you can enjoy the video on your Blackberry phone.

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