How to watch PPT on Samsung YP-G70?

This guide will share with you a simple way to watch PPT on Samsung YP-G70 by converting PPT to Samsung YP-G70 supported video format.

Samsung YP-G70 is a MID released by Samsung, which is mainly used to compete with Ipod Touch. It has applied Android 2.2 operating system and Samsung’s own 1GHz processor. The 5 inches touch screen which has a resolution in 800*480 will provide us excellent display effects. The main functions of this machine must be multimedia and games. It can well support videos like AVI, MP4, DIVS, XVID, MPEG4, H.264, WMV, MKV, 3GP, FLV and RM, etc.

Thus, we just convert PPT to one of the above mentioned video formats such as MKV to watch the PPT file on Samsung YP-G70.

Step 1: Just download and install PPT to video converter, and then start the program.

Step 2: add the PPT files to the program by clicking “Add” or directly dragging and dropping.

Here, you can preview the PPT on the view screen. Of course, you need to choose the output video format as MKV and designate a folder for it.

Step 3: please just the customize icon to customize the timing, music, audio, slides and conversion.

Please set the transition time between slides as 6 seconds or above, or else the display effects of the converted video would be bad. Also, you can add background music for the generated video.

Step 4: complete audio and video settings. You just need to click the settings icon to start the audio and video settings.

Bite rate, video and audio codec, video size and even some other options are available to be adjusted here.

Step 5: simply covert PPT to MKV. When all the settings have been done, just click the convert icon to start the PPT to MKV conversion.

The program will show you the converting process and finish the PPT to MKV conversion within a few seconds. Just wait until the program open the designated folder for you.
Now, you can enjoy the video on Samsung YP-G70.


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