How to watch PPT on Smart TV?

If you are looking for some way to watch PPT on your smart TV, then this post will do you a favor because it is going to explain how to convert PPT to smart TV for watching it on smart TV.

PPT is a file format developed by Microsoft PowerPoint tool. However, smart TV can only support pictures and videos, audios. To watch PPT on smart TV, we only need to change PPT to video file format.

Converting PPT to smart TV supported video format is a quite simple process when using a PPT to video converter. Now, just follow me to convert PPT to smart TV.

Download the PPT to video converter first.

Step 1: Add PPT file

Start the program and add the PPT file. 2 input ways are provided: directly drag and drop or click “add”.

Preview the PPT file on the view screen. Select the output video format and designate a folder for the converted video.

Step 2: customize

After add the PPT file, please click “customize” to personalize the timing, slides, audio, music and conversion.

Timing can be set as 6 seconds here. In addition, you can add background music for the generated video according to your preference.

Step 3: audio and video settings

Next please press “settings” to start the audio and video settings.

Multiple audio and video parameters can be change here. For example, video codec, audio codec, video size, video quality, audio quality, etc.

Step 4: convert PPT to video

Simply start the PPT to video conversion by clicking “start” after all the settings.

The PPT to video conversion will be completed in no minute. Simply wait until the output folder is opened after the PPT to video conversion. Now, you can sync it to your TV set.

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