How to watch PPT on Sony Ericsson V-70?

Sony Ericsson V-70 is a media player which can be used to watch videos, pictures, e-books and listen to radios. It can well support videos like RM, RMVB and AVI. But do you ever try to watch PPT files on SE V-70? If you haven’t, then today I’d like to tell you how to watch PPT files on this machine.

Actually, we just need a PPT to video converter to convert PPT to AVI so as to watch the PPT file on SE V-70. A good PPT to video can not only convert PPT to AVI in high quality but also support to add background music for the output video.

Next, please follow the below guide of converting PPT to AVI.

Download the PPT to video converter.

1. Start the PPT to video converter and add the PPT file.

Click “add” to add PPT file. Preview the PPT file on the view screen and set the output video format as AVI. Select a folder for the converted video.

2. Customize the timing, slides, audio, music and conversion

You can click “customize” to carry out it.

Change the transition time between slides, ignore audio or add background music for the converted video.

3. Complete audio and video settings

Press “settings” to adjust the below parameters: bite rate, sample rate, audio and video codec, audio and video quality, video size and so on.

4. Convert PPT to AVI

When complete all the settings, just click the start icon to convert PPT to AVI.

The PPT to video converter is likely to show you the PPT to AVI conversion and open the export video folder for you after the PPT to AVI conversion.
After the conversion, just sync the video to SE V-70 and enjoy it on this machine.

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