The best way to convert PPTX to AVI

Want to watch PPTX file on your portable devices? This post will detail show you how to convert PPTX to AVI so as to watch the PPTX on portable devices as video format.

To convert PPTX to AVI is really simple if you make use of a PPT to video converter, which can easily convert PPTX, PPT, PPS, PPTS to various video formats and allow you to customize the timing, slides, audio, music and even conversion. With this program, you can comfortably convert PPTX to AVI for your portable devices as well as keep the original animations, special effects, pictures, videos, etc.

Next, please follow the steps to convert PPTX to AVI with a PPT to video converter.

First, just get a PPT to video converter and install it.

Second, simply input the PPTX file to the program and preview it on the view screen.

Choose the output video format as AVI and designate a folder for the AVI video.

Then, please click “Customize” to adjust the timing, music, slides and conversion of the PPTX to AVI conversion.

You should set the transition time between slides as 6 seconds and add background music for it.
Of course, if you have set the transition time on the source PPTX file, you don’t need to set it here.

Fourth, simply hit the setting to adjust the audio and video display effects.

You can change the video codec as well as adjust the bite rate and video size and some other options.

At last, you are able to start the PPTX to AVI conversion by clicking the start button after all the settings. The program will finish the conversion within a few seconds. Thus, you should just wait until the program open the output folder for you.

Now, just enjoy the output AVI video. And you can share it to your friends or just publish it online.


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